New Video "Vertigo" To Be Premiered On Metal Underground July 26, 2016 

Major Announcement! 
We are pleased to announce that ‪#‎MetalUnderground‬ will premiere "Vertigo", ‪#‎HellCamino‬'s first video release off album, ORANGE LILY, on July 26, 2016. Give their page a "Like" today and tune in on July 26th! 

Metal Underground Facebook Page

"Vertigo", was directed and filmed by Joe Lane of ‪ Anointed Media in Little Rock, Arkansas. We are super excited! ORANGE LILY was recorded by Jason Tedford at Wolfman Studios ‪ ‬ in Little Rock, Arkansas, and is available now at both sites: 

Chrome Mountain Records 

Official Hell Camino 

Download it today! Album artwork by Dylan Clark

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Chrome Mountain Records 

We are proud to announce that we are now a part of the Chrome Mountain Records family. Big things to come, including lots of new merch, the re-releasing of Orange Lily, and a new video for its first single, "Vertigo."  Stay tuned... 



Hell Camino is a stoner/doom band based out of the Heart of Dixie, Little Rock, Arkansas, formed in 2014.  Lefty Williams (lead guitar/vox), James Seyfert (bass), and Seth Erwin (drums) have been a staple in the Little Rock music scene in various bands.   

With the soul of the blues and the heaviness of 70's rock, throw in whiskey, weed, women, guns, and fast muscle cars, and you have Hell Camino!  The band has been burnin’ up the tracks from Little Rock, Arkansas, to Montgomery, Alabama, and making new fans over the past two years. On June 16, 2016, we signed with Chrome Mountain Records with our second full length, ‘Orange Lily’.  It is currently available for download or CD, as well as our first album, 'Hell Camino', through our website and the label’s at:



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